Vegan Christmas at the In-laws

20100929IMG 3651 thumb   Vegan Fluffy White Dinner RollsToday we are going to my inlaws house for Christmas lunch/dinner. We are tasked with bringing two sides and a dessert.

Being that I waited until the last minute to go Christmas shopping, I have not gone grocery shopping, and thus our sides and dessert will come from my freezer. I’ve opted to cop-out on one side and the dessert, serving frozen peas and a bowl of fruit.

HOWEVER, my husband actually requested, and said “These are fantastic!” the vegan rolls I made back at Thanksgiving.

So just in case you’re getting ready for your relatives this morning, too, here is the recipe. It makes 12 pull-apart rolls, and if you’re making it for a group, make two batches because they will go fast! (I served them to my side of the fam–VERY traditional group–and they didn’t even know they were vegan, and CHOSE THEM over the regular stuff they were used to. AWESOME recipe. Thanks,

Happy Christmas everyone!