Essential Oils for Colicky Babies

Essential Oils for Colicky Babies
by Healthy Baby Weight contributing writer, Chris Peterson.

Before I became a new mom I was terrified by the cry of any baby, yet, ironically, I ended up with the worst crying baby out there!!!

She was so colicky,….. no formula was right for her. We switched a lot to find the right one, but none seemed to work.

Because I had a C-section,  I had been offered the option not to breastfeed (wrong choice but did not know this then) .

The decision NOT to breastfeed, and my inexperience with baby issues, cost me my sanity. My daughter cried a lot and I ended up with a nervous breakdown.

My scenario back then:  Mom (me) would feed the  baby, let’s say at 9. The baby would begin to fuss at about 11,  so mom (me) would  think I should feed again, because  “she must be hungry.” But the reality is that the 9 o’clock feeding was just about to be digested. The baby would have needed to wait another hour till her tummy was empty.  But mom (me) would feed the baby at 11 to stop her from crying. This new fresh milk would be mixed now with the fermented, almost -digested ,milk. The almost-digested milk, by now, would hang around in the tummy until  the 11 o’clock,  and so of course, the fermented milk would start to cause gas that  would make the baby cry because she was very uncomfortable. But I would think: “ baby must be hungry” and I would feed her again.   This cycle went on and on. Not knowing what to do, I would resort to changing formulas. It was not a happy situation and this is why I am here to tell you all of this stuff, so that you do not have to go through the same ordeal I went through.

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