Raspberry Mango Breakfast Sparkle


here’s an after picture of our version. We had drank most of it by the time I was able to take a picture! (It’s really yummy!)

In paying more attention to my food, I have noticed that drinks can zap my calories and either use up all of my daily allotment, or it adds drastically to what I eat. So even on days when my food was within a good calorie goal, my drinks can wreck it for me. By dinner, I would have to eat an apple just to keep the calorie count where I wanted.

I am not one to drink boring drinks, though. So while I love water, I was not really open to drinking it at every meal. So instead, I improvised. Here’s what I came up with to drink at breakfast. (or anytime, really!) It’s also a great party drink since it’s sparkling, guests will like it, too!

Raspberry Mango Breakfast Sparkle Drink

by Cassidy Cash

put 1 c. mango nectar in a pitcher. (you can use orange juice, or really any citrus)

add raspberries. (about a half a cup, more if you want each person to get a few in their glass when they pour it and still leave some in the pitcher). 

add ice. (Enough to fill the pitcher just over halfway)

Fill the rest of the pitcher with San Pelligrino.

Drink 🙂 


I haven’t calculated the actual calories of this drink, but seeing as how it’s one cup of calories (the magno nectar) spread out over an entire pitcher, it should be pretty low and it’s certainly lower than coffee or orange juice.

Of course ,if you are not a breakfast-eater then coffee or orange juice are fine as breakfast in themselves. Many vegan bloggers actually suggest about 2L of Orange Juice as breakfast. (wow!)

What are your favorite breakfast drinks?


Cinnamon Rolls to please the toddler (and my pantry).

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 11.22.33 AMI woke up this morning wanting cinnamon rolls. Ok, well it was actually last night, but I didn’t have the ingredients. My husband was going to the store and offered to pick up some things for me. I’m a lover of pillsbury cinnamon rolls, the pop-and-bake kind, you know? But I denied myself and made a commitment to be healthy. So I thought “Do I have to give them up completely or is there a better way?”

We are also at the end of my food budget for this week, so I rationalized that buying flour (I already had the other ingredients) was cheaper anyway. So I texted him the ingredients to cinnamon rolls.

This morning I got up ready to bake. My 3-year old in tow, chomping on bananas and apples (just like his mother and not at all patient with the cooking process. “I’m huuungry.” He exclaimed upon rising.”

Originally I was going to bake this version of cinnamon rolls which is from VeganBaking.net. I had great success with yeast dinner rolls, so I thought a recipe including yeast would be quite tasty. Probably, I’m right about this, but this recipe also called for letting the dough rise for an hour and as I mentioned earlier, the 3-year old was huuuungry. No go on rising dough.

So instead, I opted for a recipe I found from Vegan Pandamonium that is super easy. It’s basically a mix and bake recipe. It was really yummy, you can try it out here. I’ll go ahead and tell you, when I made it, I put too much milk in the dough (and I used coconut milk instead of the almond milk it calls for), and the batter was a little hard to roll up. The dough was super soft and it basically fell apart when you ate it. But as my Aunt Angie always said about cakes (and it holds true for cinnamon rolls, too, apparently) it tastes best when it falls apart 🙂

The icing was something I’ll let you decide how to handle. The recipe says to just mix powdered sugar with water. A)I’m not sure powdered sugar is vegan, but I’m sure there are powdered vegan sugars..anyway, check that if you’re concerned. We are currently using up what’s left in our kitchen and replacing as we go with healthier options, and today was use up the rest of the powdered sugar day, so we used regular. B) it tastes pretty much like you’re eating straight powdered sugar if you get this version too thick. We made ours thin and poured in down in the roll itself, and that worked well. It added moisture and sweetness that paired well with the cinnamon, so it worked. BIG plus–way less messy than the icing covered version when you’re feeding it to toddlers. :):) #mommywin
If you’re the kind of person that likes the traditional icing on top version, you may want to check out a buttercream icing recipe, or look up a vegan cake icing and use that. (Vegan Buttercream Icing here)

Overall, I give this 3 of 5 stars. AND there were plenty leftover. Thanks, VeganPandamonium for a yummy (and fast!) breakfast.

P.S. In trying to find a better icing recipe for anyone that might want a thicker alternative, I found this recipe. From SugarBombBakery  the icing is a lot thicker, AND they make the suggestion of spreading melted butter (margarine) over the dough before sprinkling with the cinnamon/sugar, and I HIGHLY recommend that as well. When I made mine, I forgot that step and the sugar kept falling out (had to sprinkle it back on top. 🙂