Raspberry Mango Breakfast Sparkle


here’s an after picture of our version. We had drank most of it by the time I was able to take a picture! (It’s really yummy!)

In paying more attention to my food, I have noticed that drinks can zap my calories and either use up all of my daily allotment, or it adds drastically to what I eat. So even on days when my food was within a good calorie goal, my drinks can wreck it for me. By dinner, I would have to eat an apple just to keep the calorie count where I wanted.

I am not one to drink boring drinks, though. So while I love water, I was not really open to drinking it at every meal. So instead, I improvised. Here’s what I came up with to drink at breakfast. (or anytime, really!) It’s also a great party drink since it’s sparkling, guests will like it, too!

Raspberry Mango Breakfast Sparkle Drink

by Cassidy Cash

put 1 c. mango nectar in a pitcher. (you can use orange juice, or really any citrus)

add raspberries. (about a half a cup, more if you want each person to get a few in their glass when they pour it and still leave some in the pitcher). 

add ice. (Enough to fill the pitcher just over halfway)

Fill the rest of the pitcher with San Pelligrino.

Drink 🙂 


I haven’t calculated the actual calories of this drink, but seeing as how it’s one cup of calories (the magno nectar) spread out over an entire pitcher, it should be pretty low and it’s certainly lower than coffee or orange juice.

Of course ,if you are not a breakfast-eater then coffee or orange juice are fine as breakfast in themselves. Many vegan bloggers actually suggest about 2L of Orange Juice as breakfast. (wow!)

What are your favorite breakfast drinks?

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