Recipe for Easy, Kid Friendly, Kale Salad

I didn’t take a picture of my recipe (I ate it all). But here’s basically what it looks like:

rice and tofu kale salad

This picture is from Beyond Rice and Tofu, and her recipe is linked to the image. She uses apples in her version, which are probably great too! I’m more of a savory salad when it comes to kale, so I opted out of fruit. Truth be known, I doctored up a bag like this one: 

kale salad store bought

Cassidy’s Kale Salad Recipe:

one cup chopped kale

one cup chopped cabbage

one zucchinni, cut into long thin strips (spiralizer works or just slice it with a knife)

1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1/4 cup dried cranberries

optional: 1/4 cup nuts (pistachios or slivered almonds)

poppyseed dressing. store bought organic, or make your own.

(poppyseed dressing idea:

combine some smooth base, like vegenaise, mayonaise, yogurt, silk tofu, or something neutral tasting with a yogurt like texture) with poppyseed, olive oil, salt, pepper, mustard (dijon is good), vinegar (apple cider is good), and a sweetner like raw cane sugar, or honey, or agave (even maple syrup). mix and pour.

Poppyseed dressing recipes:

Healthy Happy Life shares a poppyseed dressing that’s vegan. 

Combine everything, then eat! It’s better as it sits in the fridge a few days, so this is a good recipe for any make-ahead parties or dinner prepping.


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