Recipe for Mozzarella Balls Side Dish

I actually do not have a picture of this recipe by itself, but here is the dish being served alongside our lunch from earlier this week. It is so yummy, and I haven’t found any dinner that doesn’t pair well with this side dish.

Healthy Baby Weight Mozzarella Balls Recipe

My Momma’s Mozzarella Balls Side Dish (don’t you love the original name? This recipe is actually from my mother’s kitchen. Enjoy!)

Ingredients (with all of these, organic, non-GMO is best).

one cup mozzarella balls

olive oil (you can sub coconut oil, but it will change the flavor, as well as texture of this dish. Olive keeps things very italian in nature).

Pink Himyalan sea salt (get the kind you have to grind up yourself if you can. If not, regular table salt is fine, but use less table salt than you would sea salt.)

pepper (black pepper, freshly ground, and just a pinch)

red pepper flakes (about a teaspoon, or more if you like more heat.)

Small mix of freshly chopped thyme, oregano, basil, and rosemary. (you can also use italian seasoning if you do not want to mix your own).

Combine everything together to taste. It’s about 1/4 c olive oil and a half-teaspoon each of salt/pepper. Then the seasoning you just add in until you like the taste. Can you tell I don’t measure?

Another great recipe with mozzarella balls I found over at, and it’s a bite-size mozzarella caprese salad. Being a caprese fan, but so OVER having to cut up large pieces of tomato to eat it, this recipe is so cool. (and easy!) Click the image below to see their recipe. BoulderLocavore.mini_mozzarella_balls.66

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