Glass Straws for drinks, smoothies, and great for kids, too!

I finally ordered glass straws!! I ordered them from, because they looked like they knew what they were doing. Plus, on her website, she explains how her kids drink out of them too. Glass straws are, primarily, something cool to do because my “blogger friends” were writing about it and making them look so dang awesome.

Secondly, though, I had my mommy justifications of avoiding BPA, easier to clean, and they screamed the same kind of healthy vibe I get from mason jars. So. the real reason? I thought they were cool.

Some parents have asked me since I posted this picture on facebook, where I am quite giddy about my new purchase, about whether or not glass straws are safe for kids.

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 2.50.11 PM

Well, I will keep you updated on my personal experiences as we go along, but I can tell you that from Day 1 (today) I am not worried at all about E using the glass straws (E is 4 years old). The glass is really thick, and the straws themselves are not flimsy. It’s not unlike dropping one of those glass beakers in science class, they are much more bouncy than you think. I dropped a few (on purpose) to see if they would break, and they did not. They clanged, and it was louder (obviously) than dropping plastic straws, but that was about it.

You  can read all about them (and their kid-friendliness) here on GlassDharma’s website. Here is the amazon order page where we actually purchased a set. It was 4 straws and a cleaning brush. The straws themselves are $8.00 each on, and it was only $28.80 + Shipping for 4 straws and a cleaning brush when I bought it off amazon. So it was a little cheaper that way.

I wouldn’t leave my son alone with a glass straw anymore than I would leave him alone with an actual drinking glass, but just as I have no specific trepidation about his drinking out of a glass drinking glass (thank you, English language, for not giving me a better term here), but no–any fears or precautions you might take about your child drinking from a regular glass (there we go! excellent adjective, “regular”) are the same as what you would want to give to using glass straws. Supervision is key, but fear is not necessary. (and they are SO COOL!)

Also, there’s several sizes. The one in the picture is 9.5mm and 8 inches. That’s a standard drinking glass we’re using, so the longer straws, like a 12 in, would be if you’re drinking out of a quart mason jar or something really tall. The 8in are the “standard” and supposed to fit most glasses. Our smoothie did fine with the 9.5mm diameter straw, but we do go on the thin side with ours. You might get out a ruler and hold it up next to your drinking glass before you order to be sure you get the right length, but the 9.5mm is a great width for a wide variety of drinks. If you’ve ever eaten at McAllister’s Deli, their straws are quite similar (though plastic).

Do you use glass straws at home? What is your favorite size? Please share smoothie recipes, too. We are going to be drinking more of them now!

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