Cute Accesories to Make Eating Vegetables Fun For Kids

When my son first started eating solid foods, we had him on homemade baby foods, then organic fruits and vegetables. To this day, one of his favorite foods is strawberries. He has had a healthy appetite for healthy foods, until recently. We let him have that dreaded “little bit” of cake, breads, and {cue the horror music} French fries. Now, it seems, his pension for eating vegetables has lessened and it’s harder to get him to “try” things like squash and zucchini. I think this picky eating phase is part of childhood where he mostly wants to feel in control of himself and his choices. In a world where he doesn’t get to decide very much where he goes or what he gets to participate in, I think his food choices are where he expresses his individuality. He likes to say “I don’t want that.” and then not have to eat it. It’s a control thing. I understand completely. I am a control person myself, so I try to let him choose what he wants and doesn’t want insomuch as his choices are not harmful to himself or others.

When it comes to vegetables, though, this self-confidence and exertion of will has started to worry me that he isn’t getting enough vegetables. So I’ve devised a plan. I think I will make the food cute. Yes, cute.

I found these cut-out shapes that work like cookie cutters, but you use them for vegetables. I also found a mold to make rice look like a panda bear, where the eyes and mouth are made from punching out nori sheets the way a scrapbooker punches out paper shapes for decoration. Nori sheets being seaweed, you really can’t get any leafier, or greener, than that. So that’s very neat.

Panda Mold Ricepanda molds in bento box

vegetable animal molds


I’ll keep you updated on whether or not these gadgets work well for my son, but I wanted to share them in case your little ones are picky eaters too. Perhaps cute shapes and fun presentation goes as far with you as it does with mine.


All the best! and Happy Eating everyone!!

Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 2.14.03 PM

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