I don’t like paleo.

So paleo and me, well we don’t mix. My last post on paleo and me, I shared that I was giving it a try for a week to try and see if that cured my husband’s “meat withdrawal” and subsequent “need” for barbeque. Ha.

It didn’t. Because what happened is that I ended up cooking meat for him, but not eating it myself. Even organic meat. I just didn’t like it. Preferentially speaking only, I did not like meat as much as I liked eating the fruit and vegetables. What have I done to myself? Apparently, I’ve shifted some because I used to be a barbeque girl myself.

I still eat fish. that is light, and salmon in particular contains great omega-3s, and as long as it is wild caught salmon, I feel good about eating it nutritionally. I still eat limited amounts of fish (read: once a week at most, and most times it’s like twice a month), because the mercury levels give me pause. I haven’t finished my research into mercury/fish/neurology so I will not pontificate here.

What I have arrived at is this: I really like the idea of eating mostly vegan, and like 90% raw vegan. It seems healthy, you fill your body with goodness, and just from a few 3-10 day “trials'” I’ve done of fully raw and/or juicing diets, you do increase your energy, decrease acne, and of course, lose weight. It’s a great way to treat yourself. Why is it, then that eating that way is so hard culturally? It’s like when I wake up in the morning and I’m tired, do not feel like fixing breakfast, why is it my brain tells me that getting dressed, getting in the car, and driving to Starbucks is “easier” than just peeling a banana? or cutting up that melon? I have a keurig for crying out loud. How hard is it to pop in a cup of tea? Not. Hard. So why is it that my brain wants fast food?

I’ve decided it is a chemical addiction. There are people who say that’s overblowing things, but I disagree. I think you really can be addicted to food. Specifically to bad food. I did get in the car this morning to go get Starbucks, my “easier” breakfast–BUT I didn’t get starbucks. No why? Because the whole way there I was telling myself “this is your brain playing tricks on you.” You want that food because you’ve given it to your body for so long it thinks that’s what it needs, but it isn’t what it needs. It needs that banana, that melon, that cup of hot tea with lemon. Your body needs to be healthy, and this chemical reaction compelling you to want something you know is bad for you is something you need to walk away from. So I did. It was SO LIBERATING.

Now I have not given up coffee. That one will be the last to go, I’m sure. But what my son and I had for breakfast this morning was organic granola with honey and honey dew melon chopped up. My son heartily ate two servings. He has actually started asking me about his food now with questions like “Is this good for my body?” Happy 🙂

He turned down something chocolate the other day because it was milk chocolate and processed, so he said “Mom, I can’t eat this, it’s not good for me.” So we ate dark chocolate (90% cacao), instead. With strawberries. I so named my moniker right on this blog when I called myself “Me&E”. He is my motivation, definitely, to remember why eating healthy matters.




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