Paleo and Me

This past week, in what amounted to a very illuminating conversation with my husband, I’ve discovered he is unhappy with the food in our house. Not that he dislikes eating healthy, just that apparently there isn’t enough of it. He has switched from eating 2-3 big meals a day, to now eating 5-6 small meals a day. That’s healthier, so yay for that, but what it means for a man sized appetite is that he needs more food than the fruit and salad combinations I pull together for myself. Specifically, states the man, “I have no problem being a carnivore. Kill the beast. I will eat it.” Well. What do you do with that?

He has no problem with my aversion to meat, and is incredibly supportive, but that’s not the lifestyle choice he wants for himself. I support that. I respect that. So I’m trying to make it work here. What does that mean for our son? Well it means he eats vegan for two meals, and gets to have meat with Daddy at dinner. 🙂 That’s called compromise for all you single ladies out there. Any meat Elliot eats will be certified organic, hormone/preservative free, and absolutely no mercury laden fish…as you can likely tell–this should be fun.

The realization of my husband’s supportive, but miserable, situation has prompted me to look for a better way. For me, it’s hard to fix food for him that I am not also going to eat, because food is a huge temptation for me, and as you know, I’m trying to lose weight. So I try not to bring anything into the house that would cause me to get “off the diet.” That’s proven difficult, because eating as many fruits and vegetables as I throw at this house and both my husband and my son are revolting. Meaning, they are turning against the plan. Vegans they are not.


I accept this challenge, but I refuse to sacrifice their health, particularly that of our son. I assume if my husband wants to go out for pizza, he’s a grown man and he gets to do what he wants. My son, though, is subject to my nutritional guidance, so my new plan is to look into Paleo Diet. Why? Well, because my friend Diana has lost close to 40 lbs in a couple of months following this plan, and when you read about it, it’s very health conscious (Which, as you know, is my main priority and not really veganism. What attracted me to vegan recipes was the focus on health.)

I, still, am not a fan of meat. I still believe the SAD (Standard American Diet) Is worthy of this dismal monicker because it’s so heavily weighted (no pun intended) in the meat category. I want to, at minimum, limit meat consumption to once a day, and for me personally, I may opt out altogether.  Even when fixing for the apparently carnivorous family, only one meal will be meat based (excluding eggs).

What I like about the paleo diet (from what I’ve read) is that it is healthy, supporters are conscious of their food and how it impacts the body, but it is real. Meaning my husband won’t starve or pine for pizza… Hopefully.


I’m also very intrigued by the same tenants that attracted me to raw vegan lifestyle, in that it is a lifestyle. It’s a focus on being healthy, not particularly on being light weight. I want to lose some pounds, because that’s healthiest for me, but I want something doable, that focuses on being a healthy person, not a chair rail.

How many of you guys have tried paleo? What do you think?

I’m still not into CrossFIt, though I should never say never because my friend has been bugging me to get into it. I have no need to be a he-woman. Everything I see about CrossFit is all brawn and muscle-y. I’d rather be a ballerina, thank you. Though, have you seen a ballerina? She can knock you out with some muscles. Anyway. Just as long as I don’t end up giving Arnold Schwarzenegger a run for his money, we’re ok. Right? I wonder if he crossfits?

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