Oops! & Froyo at Home.

Hello everyone!

I want to apologize for sending out the wrong article! I write occasionally on movies that I like over at historicfilmhouse.wordpress.com

Today, I logged in to write over there and was accidentally still logged in at HBW, so all of you recieved movie news instead of a great recipe idea. I sincerely apologize for overfilling your inbox with news you didn’t want.

To make up for it, here is  some great healthy recipes for FroYo at Home.


We tried frozen yogurt for the first time last week, and I have to say–it’s amazing. It does not taste like yogurt (or at least the flavor we had did not), it tasted like ice cream—and it was great topped with all kinds of yummy goodness. I’ll admit to sprinkles. There were fruit toppings, too, though!

If you haven’t tried it, here’s some instructions on froyo at home.

From Refinery29, you can now make froyo at home.  I wanted to share this recipe because it does not require you to buy anything outside of ingredients to try it at home. No fancy equipment, just some time, and alot of yummies. This article uses berries and honey for their blend-ins, but you can experiment. I dare some of you to use avocado, because I really want to know what avocado ice cream tastes like. So far, I haven’t found an application of avocado I didn’t like. Seriously, you can use berries, nuts, honey, candy (not as healthy), cocoa powder, nut butters, probably things like coconut oil, or flavor intensifiers like vanilla, nutmeg, ooo—try lavender!!

If you want you can put regular yogurt in an ice cream maker, too. That, to me, is easier, but as the Refinery29 article points out, it does require that you purchase another gadget. Ice cream makers are like one of my favorite things, honestly, because you can put anything in there and make it into ice cream. You can mush up fruit, bananas, yogurt, probably fruit juice in some fashion. Much like a blender, I’m almost certain the possibilities are numerous.

What about you? Have you tried frozen yogurt? What are your favorite toppings, and do you make it at home?

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