Dinner Tonight: Skillet Potatoes

This blog is not vegan, but I do a lot of vegan eating, so a bunch of my writing tends to lean vegan. In the interest of some of my non-vegan readers, I thought I’d share tonight’s dinner: Skillet potatoes.

The dish itself is, actually, vegan (so give it a try newbies!) but it is inspired by a non-vegan blog I have just discovered called Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.  it’s also seriously delicious and my plan for dinner.

Here it is: Skillet Potatoes

Here are the ingredients:

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 2.08.58 PM

For the full instructions, I think you should visit Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. She did a great job with amazing pictures and write-up there, I think you’ll love it.
The short version of what she’s doing is that you cube some potatoes and fry them with oil and spices. (you can say “pan-sear” if you think that sound healthier).

This recipe calls for Yukon Gold potatoes. Those are yummy, but I’ll be using Irish Potatoes because that’s what this girl has in her pantry right now. (budget!!) anyway.

You cube the potatoes, mix in some oil and spices. I like to experiment and use what’s in the garden. So you could use olive oil, or you might try coconut oil, sesame oil, even melted butter will work just fine. (Earth Balance works too, veganites). Also, while rosemary is amazing, some other herbs will do fine also and it doesn’t have to be fresh. Herbs de Provence would be lovely, so would Italian seasoning.
The Me&E Version:

about 5 Irish potatoes, peeled, cubed (as tiny as my patience can stand, but about 1/2 in. Think breakfast-size).

4 green onions, chopped.

melted butter (about one stick–cube it and pop it in the microwave for

Herbs-on-Hand (you like the hyphens? Sounds Fancy.) This is where I use what’s in my garden and growing well (more on my garden abilities later). Today’s selection is Oregano & Basil.

Garlic–about 5 gloves, pressed. (I’m such a garlic fan. Seriously, two was not enough for me, but use what you like).  I run mine through a garlic press, but you can mince it if you don’t have a press.


To Begin: Mel’s Kitchen has you microwave the potatoes first to get them soft. I like to limit my microwave usage, so I would suggest blanching the potatoes first, or even frying the potato cubes like you would french fries. Whatever works for you. Here, we boil them first.

Blanch the potato cubes until they are soft. Set aside.

Next, pour the melted butter in the bottom of a skillet and let it get hot. Careful not to burn the butter, so pay attention. (Tip: It helps to have  all the ingredients chopped, pressed, and  at the ready before you begin). Once warm, add the chopped onions and minced garlic. Cook until the onions are translucent (you know, see-through and a little wilty).

Then add the potatoes. Cook until they are soft all the way through and they have that nice golden brown color–even a little crunchy in spots. If you’re not sure when they are finished–that’s why you’re the cook! Take a taste-test to see. 🙂 Tip: If you will cook them like they have “sides” And do one flip in the middle, you’ll get more solid peices and the classic-potato cube look. If you stir them alot, you’ll get a more mushy texture in the end. Both will taste all right. So if you end up with yummy mushy potatoes, you’ll know you stirred too much. 🙂

At this point, you want to add the herbs (chopped up). Toss everything together, and serve. At a sprig of fresh spice to the top for garnish.


Also roasting some broccoli in the oven with butter/garlic/salt. 400 for 10 minutes. Florets only. 🙂 Bon Appetit!



Product Comparison:

Pampered Chef Garlic Press VS. OXO Garlic Press

Ok, I’ve been cooking various garlic dishes over the last week rotating between these two garlic presses. My decision?

Well, the pampered chef garlic press won out. Why? Well, my OXO garlic press developed some kind of irremovable white film at some point. I washed it in the dishwasher and it came out with this gunk. Cannot get it off. Until that happened, it was my favorite press. It’s real metal (and I’m still not sure what the material is on the PC garlic press). The OXO will also flip back on itself to unclog the holes in the press, so it “self-cleans” too.

No clear winner, but the nonoperational state of my OXO won allowed the PC Garlic Press to be this post’s winner 🙂

Which press do you like?




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