Vegans and Vitamins

fruit_0I was reading some articles over on the Healthy Home Economist and her article on how Raw Veganism would steal your health was interesting to me. Everything I had been reading espoused the greatness of all plant based diets. Many, many people cite a raw vegan lifestyle as the reason they overcame horrible health conditions. I’ll let you read and research the implications of the original article for yourself as I’m sure, as with anything, it’s a matter of the individual. I think treatment for chronic disease can be alleviated or cured by an all plant based diet. I also think that approach might not be right for everyone.

I do have some thoughts on vitamins, however, which is what I wanted to share here. See what you think.

Vitamin D is hard to get in a vegan diet, but you can get it from the sun, as well as from supplements (although I think supplements are considered “inert” and potentially less beneficial than other sources). Even in a non-vegan diet the largest source of VItamin D is in fortified milk, so if you chose to be vegan you could drink fortified soy milk, or rice milk, and avoid animal products while still getting Vitamin D.

With Vitamin A–there are a TON of very good sources of vitamin A from vegetables and fruit. Absolutely NOT an “animal only” vitamin.

Vitamin K is an interesting beast. I read articles that suggested K2 was only found in animal products, but this website
Seems to think K2 is produced during fermentation and can be consumed by eating natto, or sauerkraut. (they don’t mention how much you would need to eat).


Where do you get your vitamins??

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