Pack & Go Raw Vegan Foods (like Bread!!)

I openly admit one of the hardest things about eating raw vegan is missing out on bread. probably my biggest obstacle is pancakes, but I miss toast in the morning and sandwiches, too. They are quick, easy, and what I really think they are is socially acceptable. That last bit is what I struggle with most. I went to a conference this last week for work, and while I had a blast hanging out with the people, I had an overwhelmingly hard time eating anything healthy–much less vegan or raw. The problems? A) everything was way overpriced, so you could eat pizza for $2, or you could buy a tiny cup of fruit for $5 (it would take about 4 of those tiny cups to make a meal, and about two slices of pizza to make a meal) That’s ridiculous. I had a food budget, and I couldn’t spend $20 every meal. Additionally, they had a party for “our group” where all they served was pizza and coke. I get it, because of the aforementioned outline of cheap foods, feeding a group, they have a budget too, and that was my only option for dinner that night, so it was eat that, or not eat. So yes,  I gave in and ate the pizza. know what happened? I was shaking–SHAKING, from having eaten that pizza. AT least I blame the pizza. I was also running on about 4 hours of sleep, so maybe everything came together at once, but I really felt like what I was eating was messing with me. Now that I’m home, and have resumed my healthy eating, I am sleeping better, my ance is clearing up, and I’m NOT shaking. You can decide for yourself what you think about the role of food there, but I’m a believer.


My newly formed (or perhaps accepted?) plan is to put my health above everyone’s understanding of my eating habits, and I intend to pack my own food. To that end, here are some recipes I’ve found from Fork & Beans, as well as Nouveau Raw, that outline some yummy “pack and go” recipes that would be great for conferences, picnics, family reunions, or wherever you happen to be travelling this summer that might need some help in the food department. Enjoy!

Apricot Sweetened Bread (Nouveau Raw) This recipe is great because you can wrap the whole loaf and it will last 3-5 days (conference!!!) Or you can freeze individual slices to eat as you can (weekly menu planning, anyone??) LOVE multipurpose meals. Work once, get many meals. Love it.











This image belongs to Angie Sue OldFather, and I pasted it here from the Nouveau Raw website so you would want to check out their awesome recipe. Once I try this recipe on my own, I’ll share my own pics, but I’m tempting you to try it with me by posting theirs for now.


Green Go-To Juice. (From Fork & Beans) Rarely does Cara post a recipe that I do not like. Seriously the girl cranks out really awesome (and likeable) meals. This one I love because it’s green, but check out how much pineapple and mint are in it!! Yay!! I love the idea of green juices because they are SO healthy, but normally I simply cannot stomach all of the green vegetable based foods that are in them. Particularly first thing in the morning. This recipe is a green juice you can drink IN THE MORNING and have a great day. It’s pretty, healthy, and fruity. Gotta love it.













I found these little yummies on amazon, it’s raw vegan chocolate cookies. Prepackaged, so there may be some processing issues for some of you, but for me, this was a God send. Talk about conference ready. Literally: Pack, and go. They have all kinds. Chai, flaxseed, sugar, you name it.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 12.20.36 PM











Give these recipes (or products) a try, and share your favorite. Which ones do you like best? Do you have others that are your “go-to” foods? Share them in the comments.

Happy Eating!

Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 2.14.03 PM

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