My beef with tofu

tofuHere’s the thing:

I hear you (Choosing Raw, Vegan Dad, Meet the Shannons, Bonzai Aphrodite, and others) that vegan is the healthiest way to eat. I have bought in to the idea that what you eat not only defines you as a person, but it also defines your future. What kind of person are you going to be in 10. 15. 20 years (or more?) The answer depends on how you treat yourself now. That means, ladies and gents, that you have to take note, and take action, about what’s in what you eat.

For me, the biggest shocker came when I realized that not all vegetables were as “cancer fighting” as I had thought they would be. In fact, thanks to genetic engineering, my staples grilling food, corn, was now chock full of GMO and potentially CAUSING cancer when I ate it. Fan-freaking-tastic, right? (For anyone that’s new, I’ll be writing more on GMOs later)

I was reading this blog about a lady who fought off cancer (or at least delayed it, she actually doesn’t share her full backstory on her site only the tidbit that she started her health journey when she found out she had cancer. I was actually disappointed there wasn’t more backstory, I’m sure it’s inspiring! Guess I’ll have to get her book). Anyway, reading about how the traditional American diet destroys your health, and how she wanted to fight cancer by eating healthy started me thinking: if extra chemicals and the manipulation of processing can cause cancer from vegetables, then what in the world was in all of those preservatives and chemicals it takes to make fake-meat out of beans? Soybeans in particular can actually cause harm to your thyroid when consumed in large quantities, so with so many vegan recipes out there depending on tofu, tofurkey, soymilk, etc, what am I doing to my body with all of those chemicals? In reality, even eating “straight from the grocery store vegetables” potentially even frozen vegetables were now to be considered suspect when it comes to chemical processing and GMOs.

The conclusion? I have issues with tofu. I have a beef to pick with it. Tofu is not the best choice when trying to be healthy and anti-cancer. There’s just no way that chemicals in fake meat is better for your body than eating organic, humanely treated, meat. I don’t really want to eat meat because of the cholesterol and knowing what I know about the meat industry (check out Vegucated). However, I understand why people opt to be omnivores when they first meet a vegan lifestyle because the “traditional vegan” diet is full of so much over the top processed food, it cannot possibly be healthier (albiet lower in calories) than a truly organic, chemical free, non-processed diet.

Which I guess is where the raw movement comes in to play.

Do any of you guys eat vegan?

Do you eat raw?

What do you think about processed tofu and soymilk? 

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