Eating Healthy: Why so hard?

297409_10150338804712127_502867126_8341387_786296575_nBetween all of the Crossfit advertisements, and bikini season just around the corner, there’s ample reason to get it in gear, lose the weight, and choose to be healthy.

So why is it so hard?

Because we like our bad food. It’s an addiction, really and truly. Chemically speaking, fat makes you want to eat more fat. That’s why you crave McDonald’s or Fried foods, pretty much right after you eat them. The fat in the food also shuts down your ability to know when you’re full, so when you eat healthy–you aren’t really starving like it can feel sometimes, you are just in denial–chemically–about what’s going on.
Let me explain a little more.

When you choose to eat healthy, it will begin as a choice. And you’ll have to make that choice over and over and over again because if you’re anything like me, pizza and oreos are just calling your name.

let’s take an example from my life today.

I have decided to try and lose weight, and I like juice/smoothies, so I’m going that route for breakfast/lunch then eating a healthy dinner at night with the family. Because, at least for us, there’s a cohesiveness brought into our family relationships when we take the time to sit down and eat together, so I opted not to smoothie it for three meals a day, both for my own sanity, as well as my family relationships. I’m not sure I didn’t simply make a deal with myself that “you can eat dinner if you’ll smoothie-it for breakfast and lunch.” but either way, that’s my plan.

So I get up this morning and I head to the kitchen and it’s like every yummy thing in there was literally screaming at me to eat it. Fruity Pebbles cereal in the cabinet, leftover cake from a restaurant (yay Mother’s Day!), even fruit loops my son was eating (I hate these things), it was like everything in there wanted me to eat it. Why is this odd? because I hardly ever eat breakfast. Most mornings I drink 2 cups of coffee and that’s it. I hardly ever eat breakfast, but psychologically –apparently–when I made a choice to eat healthy, it’s like I was attacked. I’ve started taking these “attacks’ as a sign I’m doing things right and making them a reason to stay the course.

Not just eating right, but living right, and making choices for my son, there are people and life that comes out to scream at you and tell you’re doing it wrong. Not only that, but temptations come out of the woodwork to steer you off course. Take them in stride. Congratulate yourself on receiving temptations because that means you’re doing it right. Built-in motivation, I say. Chug the smoothie, girl, you’ll be the only disciplined Mama at the beach this summer rockin’ it in your two piece. Hoozah.

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