My first week as a vegan

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I had vegan days, I had vegan meals, I tried juicing, I tried paleo, I tried “healthy carnivore diet” (whatever that is), you name it, I probably tried it–outside of those xylotrim and whatever weight loss supplements, which just freak me out with the chemicals.

The most effective weight loss I’ve found came when I picked up Dr. Furhman’s “Eat to Live” book. I followed his advice, and I’ve been steadily losing about a pound a day. I’ve gotten down to 183, and I need to lose about 50-60 more lbs (Per the guidelines in his book. I’m 5’5″). I may, or may not, have cheated for about 3 days, so I stalled at 183. To be completely honest, I had chips, queso, and a margarita (or three) out with friends, so I’m stunned that my weight just stalled instead of gaining it all back.

Today was my first day back on the Eat to Live plan. I had a green smoothie for breakfast, I did drink a cup of coffee with milk in it (He strictly prohibits dairy products) but until I find a vegan substitute for milk that tastes good in coffee (soy and almond are NOT it. I’m thinking maybe hemp?) I’m allowing myself one cup of coffee with milk, as the milk is about 1/4 cup and well, I’ve allowed myself that one vice. This vegan thing is a big switch for me. Don’t judge.

Anyway, as this was my first week full vegan, I thought I’d share some of the ups and downs of it with any of you who might be considering a vegan diet plan. (Read here for where I”m at on the vegan lifestyle).



  • Sleeping all night long. This is so huge. I have been having a TON of trouble getting to sleep, and staying asleep. I was laying awake fighting my thoughts trying to make myself stop thinking so I could sleep. I had reached the point where I was taking sleep-aids every night just to sleep at all. Then I would wake up groggy and slow, and I felt like I had to sleep until 10 or so just to function for the day. FIRST DAY eating all vegan, I slept all night, falling asleep naturally around 9:30/10pm, and waking up ready for the day at 8:30. It was awesome. 
  • No more itching legs. I have horrible itching legs at night. Itching so bad that I would scratch until I bled trying to get it to stop. Powerful lotions, oils, vitamin E supplements, everything. Couldnt get it to stop. Never could explain it, but have now decided it’s related to gluten. At least, white bread seems to bring it on. Cutting that out and the itching legs left for good.
  • Losing weight. Dr. Furhman’s diet cuts down on carboydrates and you’re almost literally eating 90% raw fruits and vegetables 24/7, so that explains the weight loss right there, but still, it’s amazing. I’m getting skinny, y’all!!
  • Trying new foods and recipes.
  • more energy.
  • more focused.
  • clearer skin.
  • more ‘regular’ (if you don’t know, ask your mom).
  • happy–I struggle with depression. I’m a naturally down on myself person, and it caves in on you sometimes when you are trying to be a working mommy, too. Eating this way increases my hormone levels to good places (or something), because I am much happier, I approach life with a better outlook, and I rarely have “sad episodes”


  • headaches the first couple of days. We call this detoxing. it goes away, but it’s not fun.
  • hungry. Eating fruits and vegetables, it’s hard for me to eat “three meals” and be happy. I can’t eat enough fruits and veggies at one time to meet what Dr. Furhman calls a “meal” that’s just too close to rabbit-hood for me. So I end up eating several snacks all day long.
  • It’s hard to eat just fruits and vegetables. You get bored, you get disgusted, and you have to force yourself to be creative, because you want to give up. Once you discover raw vegan and vegan recipes, though, that gets better too. I just bought Raw Vegan Express cookbook (raw vegan in 30 minutes or less.) Let you know how that goes. But seriously, get yourself a cookbook and a nice online support group. Comment here! I’ll be happy to encourage you!
  • temptations. Cheeseburgers taste good. So does fried chicken and macncheese. You really have to stick to your guns when you face having to turn down those foods.
  • stress eating sucks. I’m a stress eater. I like to run through starbucks or other fast food place when it’s 7pm, I haven’t fixed dinner and my husband son and I are all hungry. Who has time to cook? Yeh, well, making this choice removes that option unless you live near a vegan restaurant (which I don’t. But I am discovering some local haunts that have vegan menu items, or at least items you can veganize.).
  • your friends don’t always understand. family is a beast. when you go over to your relatives houses, particularly for family events, and you only eat off the veggie tray, your mother in law, your aunt, and your cousins will all notice, and they’ll make fun of you. It has to be something, right? Why not this? Maybe they’ll ignore your fashion choices this way. lol.
  • people will either be very supportive, or completely unsupportive. there’s very little inbetween. This choice needs to be your own. If you’re ok with it, be ok with it, and don’t “need” the approval of others, that’s a bad road.
  • you need to drink alot. alot. alot. water, water, water. and herbal tea. I really like alcohol and sugar. Both off limits on the “diet” part. This is not so much a vegan issue as it is a weight loss one.

So I didn’t count, but the pros and cons here are about even in number. I think my measure, though, the pros outweigh the cons. We’ll see. I’m only on week one, but I’ll keep you posted! Cheers to week 2! who’s with me?

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