Raw Vegan for A Week.

I went completely raw vegan for a week and I’ll have to post more later about the details of my experience, but let me tell you the short version:

Day 1: was lots of complaining, but I was high on motivation and that kept me going.

Day 2: I was not happy. Lots of physiological symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and stomach upset. Still high on motivation, so a few texts to my friend (Who had been recruited to be my sponsor as I overcome my food addiction), and it was ok.

Day 3: I hated the world, I was so depressed, I was literally biting my husband’s head off all the time for nothing, he was rescuing the kids from my bad mood, and I was  growly, hungry, angry bear, all. day. long. Lots of texts to my sponsor. Lots and lots.

Day 4: I felt better! I had so much energy, I went grocery shopping for all kinds of vegan items (apple sauce, sparkling water, tomato soup) it was grand. High as a kite and having a blast.

Day 5: I was ok. I was not “happy” with eating raw vegan, because my body just wasn’t used to it (dont kid yourself, a week is a long time, but it’s not long enough for your body to really get used to the idea. Basically at this point my body was like “Ok, so this is more than a lark, but we’re sure you’ll come back around.”)

I survived, and I celebrated the end of what my sponsor was calling a “detox”. I think it could, and possibly should, be my new lifestyle.


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