FDA says aspartame in milk doesn’t have to be identified.

I completely understand where, if you felt aspartame was safe–which the FDA does–that it would seem unnecessary to include that detail in the ingredient list. However, as someone who considers aspartame to be be unsafe, I will not like having to avoid so many dairy products. I wonder, sometimes, if the “unhealthy” dairy affects nutritionists reference is not due to the additives instead of the actual milk.

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 9.41.48 PM

This is a screen cap of the article itself. Click the image to view the original article.



Raw milk has often terrified me, strictly from all those lessons in elementary school about how awesome Louis Pasteur was and his incredible pasteurization saving the world from disease. It stuck with me, you know? So when I think about how many dangers are avoided through pasteurization I think “wow, that’s awesome that we have milk that’s processed to eliminate those bacteria.” Then along comes articles like this one which remind me how little we can truly trust the big processing plants. It’s scary to think that the FDA would declare what’s safe and what’s not, and I would trust them, with things like aspartame–a well documented carcinogen.

What do you do? How many of you guys drink raw milk? Is that the only solution to additives in dairy products? If not, what do you use?

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