Burts Bees Body Oil

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 2.40.49 PMI know, now, to look for additives in my food and to watch out for hormones and other negative aspects of what I eat. I’m starting to become interested, though, in how many of those “hidden carcinogens” are in my other daily-use products, like shampoo.

As life sometimes does, it handed me a nice little opportunity to try out “organic” products when I have been exhausting the “mainstream” stuff for a time now trying to end the itching that is my skin. Itching all the time!! I think it has to do with my sneaking in pizza to my diet, or that trip to Starbucks we won’t talk about. :/

But more than that, I can’t seem to cure it with anything but Benadryl. Yes, it is worse at certain times of the day (at night) but lately, I’ve been getting these “itch attacks” in the middle of the day, and it has to stop. I have horribly dry skin, so I’ve been using everything from Lubriderm to Aveeno, and nothing really knocks back the itch.

So today, I decided to try something more “pure” and went with Burt’s Bees Body Oil. You’re supposed to put it on after a shower (per the directions) but all of the ingredients are things I can pronounce. It’s a new experience for me, being able to use products that don’t end with -ctyl. 🙂

Have any of you used Burt’s Bees? What other organic cleaners have you tried? Do you like them? ALL ideas on how to cure itching are totally welcome! 🙂



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