Vegan/Vegetarian Athletes

Someone commented on a post I wrote awhile back asking about animal protein and being an athlete. I am NOT an athlete myself, I do good to do aerobics every day, but I was interested in the questions so here’s what I found when I went looking on the internet (take that for what it’s worth) 🙂 **smiles**

No Meat AthleteThis guy’s name is Matt Frazier. He’s a die hard runner, and a super athlete. He’s also a vegetarian 🙂

Picture 66

Another article you might like is from, and it talks about 10 Superstar athletes who don\’t eat meat.

Just from what I’ve read on animal protein and fitness I would image it’s possible to go completely animal protein free and still be a good athlete. Like anything else, it’s likely 90% Choice and a commitment to finding/ using the appropriate tools to reach your goals (read my thoughts about that here), but please follow up and let me know what you find out. I’m interested too!

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