Change is a choice. My jar of marshmallows.

Between my own weight loss journey, my husband’s and mine’s goals for our home and family, along with career goals and family goals, that change–the real kind, the kind that matters, is not something you wait on. Change and progress, let’s call it success, is not achieved by your ship finally coming in, as it were.

The kind of change that makes you a better person, make more money, and grow as an individual, as a family, is the kind of change you choose–and pursue. It’s the kind of change that makes you get up and workout even though you’re still sleepy and you haven’t yet had breakfast.

It’s the kind of change that makes you go out in the backyard and bathe the large golden retriever yourself instead of spending the money to have them bathed, since you want to save that money for paying down debt. (incidentally, it also means sticking to this choice after you’re covered in mud, your pants are torn, and the dog spread soap all over your yard.)

Real change comes by choosing–not overall, but moment by moment, exactly who you are going to be.

This revelation for what would bring the change I want in my life came when I was staring at the jar of marshmallows sitting on my counter during an attack of stress wanting to binge eat SO bad, but instead I pointed my pudgy finger at the marshmallows and said OUT LOUD, like a fool, “I will say no to things like you because that’s the kind of person I’m going to be!” you can add a “Dadgumit!” for good measure. (That’s a southerner phrase, I believe, so insert your favorite emphatic phrase, if you think I’ve lost my mind.) But then I walked away from the marshmallows and didn’t eat them because I literally heard myself declaring “we” would not. The me I used to be and the me I wanted to become had a fight, and at least in that moment, new me had won.

The mantra we have adopted as a couple, and likely as a family once my son is old enough, is that “nothing worth having is easy to get”. Great body, great job, more money, well behaved children, home cooked meals,clean house, clean dogs (in my case). All of these things take planning, effort, work, and above all–they take choosing the life you want most over the life you want right now. (and boy did I WANT those marshmallows.)

Cheers to you, my friends, you can do it. THIS is the year you will change the world, at least your own world. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  It’s time to be the person you want to be instead of waiting on her/him to walk through your front door and inhabit your body. ha! ๐Ÿ™‚ and go ahead, scream at the jar of marshmallows OUT LOUD. I’ll be right there with you. ๐Ÿ™‚


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