Chesnuts Roasting on an Open Fire–and in the oven.

Have you ever cooked with chestnuts? I have never even considered that a real option until a local cooperative I’m a member of sent out their newsletter for this month and it was all about chestnuts.

Apparently, to get the shell off, you heat them in the oven. You have to peel them while they are warm, or the shell gets hard to work with.

Another great use for chestnuts, beyond simply cooking them whole, is to grind the chestnuts into a flour. The flour is gluten free and works as a decent alternative for people with gluten allergies or celiac disease. Since it is gluten free, the flour cooks somewhat differently that what I think of as “traditional flour” but it has been used in Italy for years. A famous recipe that utilizes chestnut flour are crepes. So maybe those French crepes you tried really did taste better than American ones (??)

Anyway, I have located chestnut flour on amazon, and I’m thinking about ordering some. Do you guys cook with chestnuts? Do you use chestnut flour? What do you recommend I try to cook first?

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