Vegan Hot Chocolate

vegan hot chocolate

vegan hot chocolate, yummy!

My son is always my toughest critic. Never one to shy away from direct honesty, he will promptly declare “yucky!” and walk away from anything that doesn’t taste good. His honesty and perspective are the reasons I love having him in my vegan test kitchen.

This week my husband and I have decided to try “vegan for a week.” I’ll be sharing our recipes here with you, and to kick things off this holiday season I’ve made vegan hot chocolate.

The coolest part? My son doesn’t like the regular swiss miss packet type stuff. But he drank all of this recipe 🙂


vegan hot chocolate recipe







(parents, check first before giving to kids.)

Helpful Hint:

boromir cocoa and almond milk

The heating makes the cocoa mix in with the almond milk. At least when I did it, you couldn’t just stir the cocoa powder in with the almond milk, it would just laugh at you and sit right on top. Once I heated it though, it–literally–warmed up to the idea–haha, and mixed in fine.


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