Day..what is it now? Day 20 I believe

I had quit doing aerobics twice a day because I was basically working out like three times a day and I wasn’t losing ANYTHING, so it depressed me and I quit. THEN I spent the week up at the hospital with a man whose like a second father to me, walking around the hospital, chasing down doctors, and freaking out over meds, etc, binge eating on starbucks (can you say Bacon Gouda Breakfast Sandwich every single morning for a week?) aaaannnnd, get this: I lost a pound. a whole pound, on the nose. craaazyyy.

My husband was like “hey, if stress does it for you, I’m sure we can make your life stressful.” haha. I’m sure you could, I told him, but let’s not, ok??

It was motivating to realize I can actually lose weight and that my body isn’t really broken. One pound isn’t alot, and no where near the goal, but it’s a start in the right direction, ever how weird it happened.

Today I watched the calories and drank a lot of water. I didn’t work out today, but it’s on the docket for tomorrow. How are things going for you? Sticking to the diet plan? What at-home workouts are you doing that are working for you?

I’m thinking about mixing in Jillian Michaels. Anyone tried her fat-blasting-metabolism, whatever it’s called, workout?

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