Oh the many uses of Margarita salt.

So I’m in the process of purging my kitchen of unhealthy items. As I mentioned in my last post, that’s a process. One because I succumb to laziness and exhaustion and go for pizza when I shouldnt, and Two because my husband hates to throw out anything we have paid for–read, groceries we don’t eat.

So. When it came to my beloved margarita salt (this girl loves a nice lime margarita), I’m pretty certain the salt isn’t really salt, and it probably contains ingredients not only bad for me in the way regular sodium is when you eat it in exorbitance, but it is likely packing some preservatives I don’t want to know about.

So I decided to throw it out. Rather than simply chunk it, though, I decided to come up with a use for it. Turns out, margarita salt makes a nice, non-abrasive, scrubby cleanser when combined with olive oil. At least in my dirty, stained kitchen sink it removes rust marks and stains from sweet tea and soup, et al. Also did a bang up job on the “whatever it was” mess my toddler left on the kitchen table after lunch. I have a wooden kitchen table and it not only cleaned up the stuck on food, but it left it smooth. I will warn you, it is greasy, but if you use a drop of Dawn soap on a washcloth afterwards (and remember to come immediately behind with a dry cloth to remove the water) it works great.

So there, a cleaner to use while I await the running out of margarita salt. Now that we’re talking about, what DO you use for margarita salt when you don’t want to use processed??

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