Just a quick note about excercise

Just 30 minutes a day of moderate walking can actually reverse the effects of bad cholesterol and prevent build up in the arteries of your heart. I don’t even have a pill that does that!

It’s pretty cool.

~ Dr. J.Herald, cardiologist at a local hospital here in Alabama.

I was talking with Dr. Herald today about a friend of mine I am caring for that has Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). The man I’m caring for has been in the hospital three times, once for open heart surgery, and the other two times to have stents placed. After this last time, where 3 stents were put in his heart, we started talking about what we could do to never, ever, end up back here again. The stents were supposed to have “fixed the problem”, right? Well, that’s a big fat negative, Ghostrider.

“You’re gonna have to change your lifestyle, ” the doctor said. “The way you eat, and way you exercise have got to change. That’s the biggest thing you can do for your heart.”

You see, my friend’s heart was fine 5 months ago. But his bad diet (and he is NOT overweight, he just eats out at those Cracker Barrel type restaurants all the time), had caused build up in his heart. The open heart surgery had fixed the damage the original blockage had caused, but his continued eating habits of eating fast food and at restaurants had caused more build up to appear in what used to be healthy arteries. Needless to say, my friend (and I, now that I’m watching him go through this) are just astounded at how easy it is not not only mess up your heart, but to keep it healthy to start with. Simply making a choice to eat good foods and exercise 30 minutes a day. We take more time than that to commute to work, or to watch our favorite tv program.

The doctor did say that eating unhealthy foods every once and a while (my friend asked specifically about cake at Christmas), was ok. It was that the majority of your diet has to be healthy, and that exercise is a MUST. I think a food journal is going to be a good thing for me to use for a while. I tend to eat unhealthy at a a rate I consider to be “occasional” but I really feel that if I were to mark it down I would find I eat it much, much more often than I should (So claims my bank account, anyway.)

Are any of you guys mothers out there? I have a family of 3 right now, but even that small;, still it seems like I don’t always have time to fix up a healthy dinner. I just tried out my new recipe for crockpot Vegan Chili. very successfully on a movie night with friends. What do you guys eat to stay healthy when you’re in a rush?

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