Day 17: Friends, Movies, and Healthy Snacks.

I had some friends over last night to watch “the Princess Bride” and we had a great time. A couple my husband and I know were in town for a few days visiting relatives, so we had them over to catch up.

While they were here, I wanted to cook something for them that was healthy (for my own diet reasons) but I also wanted it to taste good and be super-easy. As their visit was last minute, I was crazy low on both cash and time to pull together a couples movie night.

We watched a movie I already owned, so that took care of the film. For dinner, I offered to make chili because I knew that was cheap, and it was great to just pour in the crockpot and let it cook until time to serve.

So I told them what I was making, then I set about discovering how in the world to make a healthy chili. I already knew I didn’t want to include meat–so I searched for a vegan recipe. I know what you’re thinking, that vegan dishes taste like cardboard, and I’m with you on some of them. However, after my Vegan Dinner Rolls turned out so amazingly awesome at Thanksgiving diner, I was convinced other vegan dishes were equally as awesome. (Y’all, my southern family LOVED them, and never had a clue they were vegan until I told them. They were shocked at how good they were. Brownie points for vegan 🙂 )

Cassidy’s Chunky Vegan Minestrone Soup (to be called “chili” when you serve it to veganphobic friends)

I was right! The vegan chili was amazing. We topped it with some sour cream (so there goes the vegan for us, but you could leave that off of yours, or sub with vegan sour cream), anyway, it tasted amazing, was a fantastic dinner to compliment the cold weather, and was a super-easy, cheap way to feed a crowd. Since I cooked it in fridge-ready crockpot, cleanup was a breeze too.

When everyone arrived, my husband was still finishing up a conference call, so to tie everyone over until he could eat dinner with us, I put some store-bought hummus on a plate and surrounded it with carrots, broccoli, and homemade pita chips. We munched on these before and after the movie. My son even ate some.

I am having so much fun thinking of healthier ways to eat. I still break down and have those “I simply cannot think about dinner, so honey pick up some pizza on the way home” type nights. Even then, though, I find myself more conscious of how much I’m eating, making a point to eat less, and pairing the pizza with fruit or veggies. Tonight, I even made a point to eat more of the fruit and veggies than the pizza. haha.

I have still not lost any more pounds, and that’s aggravating, but my jeans are officially too big for me to wear, and my wedding ring is blessedly obnoxoius how it is loose on my finger. The diamond slides around to the inside of my hand, and I am so excited about my weight loss everytime I have to straighten it out. 🙂 I don’t know why I seem to be smaller, without being lighter, but I’ll take it.

My local gym is runnning a Christmas special where they are waiving the signup fee, so I am planning to take advantage of that and start taking some classes at the gym. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember that my husband and I made a two -week deal about if I worked out daily for two weeks (taking Sundays off) then he would consider a gym membership worth the money. Well I survived. Thank you Cher, Jillian Micheals, and one brief stint with my sisters Insanity dvd, which oh my gracious, let’s not  relive that for a long, long time.

Bring on the gym classes (and hopefully swimming!!)

What are you guys doing? How are you doing? Anyone else losing size but not really weight? How do you keep yourself motivated? I’ve found myself struggling with being depressed about not losing the weight (exercise helps this feeling, when I can talk myself over the hump.) Send on your encouraging words! You guys are the best. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 17: Friends, Movies, and Healthy Snacks.

  1. Sounds good, you should check out Kris Carr’s book Crazy, Sexy, Kitchen, vegan recipes that my midwestern, meat eating husband even likes(and he is honest if he doesn’t) I love to put avocados on my “chili”

    • That sounds great! Thanks for the avocado suggestion! I had seen pictures of vegan chili with avocados and I couldn’t figure out how they were “cooked in”–haha. Silly me, of course! a topping! yummy idea.

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