Speaking of Accountability. (Day 10)

Robbie says I have to own up to where I’m at, and acknowledge my progress along the way. So here goes.

So the last image is me right now (Well, actually I’ve been holding at 185.8 for the past week), and the me I’m trying to overcome. I want to be a nice, slim, 125 when all is said and done. I’ll update with my weight every two weeks. Where are you gals at? How many pounds do you have to lose? Have you already reached your goal? Tell us about it in the comments so we can all stay on track together!

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Accountability. (Day 10)

  1. I’m 10 lbs. from my all time goal weight at 30 years old and done having kids (I gained 40 pounds in college and have lost 30). Although I am becoming comfortable with where I am at. Good luck!

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