Since It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Oh, Thanksgiving. How I love this holiday. It’s like a giant day for eating. But this year, I am more conscious than I’ve ever been about how I treat my body and what I let myself consume.

So I’m devising a plan. We will all make the trek to Grandma’s house tomorrow from almost all 4 corners of the country. (How Norman Rockwell are we?) Each of us will have our food in tow, to present at the Thanksgiving table. I want my dishes to accomplish three things. 1) I want them to taste good 2) I want them to seem “normal” to any of my non-food conscious family members 3) I want the dishes to be healthy, so I can gobble alongside everyone else and feel good about myself when we’re done. A tall order? Sure. Can we do it? Of course.

Here’s what I’m planning to make and take for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

1) Baked Apples with Dried Fruit & Walnuts. (Recipe from “Eating Well”) You basically mix together your favorite concotion of nuts and fruit, then bake them inside a cored apple. I will likely add honey to mine for sweetness, but the idea of cooking apples whole is just fun for me. 🙂 plus you feel like you’re eating something ginormous, which I’m realizing is apparently important for me.

2) Roasted Vegetables (Recipe from Fat Free Vegan) I’ll be honest, I’m making this one because all three of my “Live with me” family love it. We will likely do a variation on what I’ve linked here, because we like eggplant, butternut squash, probably some onion, and potatoes. My son loves broccoli (he’s just a little blessing like that), and I currently have a fridge full of Kale, so likely I’m going to chop-and-mix some of that into this one as well.

3) Sweet Potato Casserole Vegan Variation (again, this is Fat Free Vegan) That title makes it sound awful, doesn’t it? All I meant to convey was that I wanted to leave out the soy ingredients. I just don’t like soy. I have health concerns about it, that honestly are likely simply paranoia, but you know sometimes you just get stuff in your head and even if you reason with yourself, you can’t fix it. Soy is one of those things for me. Likely when I make this I will simply cook and mash some sweet potatoes, and mix in an agave nectar/walnut combo for flavor.

What are you cooking up for Thanksgiving? Please share your suggestions in the comments. I haven’t fully decided on these three listed above, so I’d welcome healthy suggestions. Is anyone “taking a break” for the holidays? I do not trust myself to do that, but if you are, share with us your tips and suggestions for not going overboard, and having the will power to start up again on Black Friday (takes on a whole new meaning for me with this idea.) ha! 🙂 Best wishes to all of you this thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “Since It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow.

  1. I agree that “taking a break” isn’t a good idea. I’m going to focus on filling at least half of my plate with veggies if not more. It won’t be a problem for me, because I do love my veggies. But dessert will be a problem. We are going to a new house this year since my husband and I transferred across the country we don’t have family. Not sure what this house will have so my fingers will be crossed!

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