Day 9: Good morning!

Sitting here drinking my nice cup of java. I have always wanted to use “java” in a sentence. Thank you for the opportunity. I am usually chipper this morning. ha! I ate breakfast with my wonderful son, E. We fixed scrambled eggs and mixed in some feta cheese because mommy can’t stand the flavor of eggs by themselves. He helped crack the eggs, I fished out the eggshells, and then we mixed them. lol. He’s a sweetheart. I also had a slice of bread my mother made. I haven’t been brave enough to fix bread myself. 🙂 She makes wonderful loaves of whole wheat bread, no artificial anything, very healthy. She uses honey, and grinds her own flour. Puts Mrs. Cleaver to shame, I tell you. Pearls nothing, this girl’s got game. I buy the loaves from her for less than what a loaf at the store would cost, so it’s awesome. Well, and the fact that if I’m over there the day she makes 4-5 loaves, I usually get one for free cuz I’m the daughter and she loves me. Anyway, for this morning, I slathered my slice with jam. (ok, it wasn’t really slathered, but that word just makes it drip off the page, don’t you think?) So–it was slathered with pure fruit jam (no sugar, uses fruit juice as a sweetener). It was yummy.
Now, I’m sitting here at my computer writing away. My son’s playing, and despite the fact that he keeps interrupting me about every minute on the nose with a question or immediate need, it is pretty ideallic, I have to say.
Last night I DID do the weights exercise. I can’t think of a better way to name that activity, because I don’t actually use weights. I modify the exercises to be strength training, but I haven’t bought hand weights yet, so I’m not really doing weights, I’m doing–what do we call them? Strength exercises?
I did use my son as a weight a couple of times (bicep curls and leg extensions).
Here’s what I do in one Abs Circuit rotation. This is outlined with a schedule in the book, but here’s an overview to get you started.
12-15 crunches
12-15 bent leg knee raises
10 on each side, oblique v-ups
two bridge
12-15 back extensions
10-12 squats
10 bench press
10 pulldown
10 military press
10 upright row
10 tricep pushdown
10-12 leg extensions
10 bicep curls
10-12 leg curls
then you repeat this circuit. I only go through the list twice, but I’m sure you could repeat as much as you wanted.
The schedule I am doing now runs an ab circuit similar to this one printed above on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and optionally on Saturdays, but I usually do Saturdays as well. Then Tuesday and Thursday are cardiovascular workouts. The book recommends walking, and while that’s great if you are just starting out or have knee problems, for me–with my bloodpressure, I swell up something awful when I walk. For some unexplained reason, I do not swell up this way when I do aerobics, swim, or do pilates. So my cardiovascular of choice is aerobics for 45 minutes. It’s “easy” for me (because I’ve just done it so much at this point) and it is never inhibited by the son being sick, or the weather, or any of the other excuses I come up with. It is in my home, in my living room, and unless I am deathly ill, or refuse to make time, there are often no excuses for skipping aerobics.
Personally, even on strength training days I’ve added in walking with Robbie (because that was her choice, to get together on MWF and workout together), and 2 sessions of 45 minute aerobics. I DO allow life to interrupt the second aerobic session. If the son is too fussy, I have an appointment later, or it gets too late in the day, I will put off the second session.
I’ve just found that the strength training alone and the walking doesn’t do enough for me to reach the goals I have for myself.
As far as the book goes, it’s instructions have you doing strength training three days and then they recommend light cardio for the other days. Skip Sundays.
I think you should talk with your doctor, evaluate your health goals at a personal level and do what works best for you, your body, and your lifestyle. These are just what are working for me.
I have stopped weighing myself for the time being. I had not lost any pounds in the first 7-8 days of intense exercise and changing the way I eat, and that was ultimately depressing. Instead of quitting, I decided that this new way of living was in fact, my new way of living. I was going to everything I knew to do to be healthy, and to exercise, and if the weight came off that would be awesome, but if it doesn’t then I’m just accepting that. Mostly because in likelihood, the weight will eventually come off, but watching it like I’ve been doing is like waiting on water to boil. It won’t happen if you’re constantly watching it. I will likely weigh in every two weeks. (book’s recommendation.)
If you’re just joining the blog, the “book” I’m using is called the Abs Diet. Learn more about it here.

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