Day 8: 8:30am text messages to pull you through.

Robbie texted me this morning at 8:30 saying “Are you ready work out? We’re still on for 9, right?”

I wasn’t even up yet. I had stayed up late watching movies with the hubs and I was so zonked out. haha. I wrote back “Um, how about 10? and can you meet me at my house?”

We met up at 10 am and walked a mile. We book it when walk, too. She’s like a super-walker. I practically jog to keep up with her. we talked about kids, work, and everything else. It was fun.

We worked through the Chapter 1 worksheets for the Abs Diet book (scanner still not working, so the downloads are TBA, but essentially it was just sharing our highlighted portions, so just talk with your “Walk and talk” partner about the parts you each enjoyed most, or learned from, and you’re in the game.)

Here’s what we studied:

  • Abdominal muscles protect your body from injury. When your abs are weak, your hamstrings and your rear-end have to compensate and do work they aren’t designed for, LITERALLY pulling the weight of your abs. This miss-allocation of effort causes everything from lower back pain to carpel tunnel. Serious stuff.
  • Belly fat is the leading cause of things like cancer and diabetes. Fatty tissue emits fatty acid, that causes fat cells to split. Splitting cells is what causes cancer. So essentially, by being fat you are increases your risk for cancer.
  • Diabetes is caused when you’re body doesn’t produce insulin correctly, or when your body doesn’t process insulin right. High carbs become sugar when you eat them. Excess sugar is a problem and can lead to diabetes. Note: This does NOT mean to stop eating carbs all together. It means that a bowl of pasta with a side of bread does the same thing to your body that a carton of ice cream would do if you sat down and ate it in one sitting. What you should read from this paragraph is: Typical American Diet will kill you.

We talked together about knee problems, joint problems, back problems, high blood pressure, migraines, and  a myriad of health concerns we each are either facing personally, or are directly dealing with (for both of us we have relatives that are severely overweight–and y’all, I’ll go ahead and tell you- my numbers (BMI, Body Fat percentage, etc) say that I am obese and I’m 5’5″ weighing 185. So I’m a walking time bomb, Just think what you’re doing to your body if you stay comfortable with being heavy.)

FYI: This afternoon I did 45 minutes of aerobics, and later I plan to do weights with my husband, but I’ll let you know tomorrow in the update if I do that last part. 🙂

I didn’t really mean to rant, and I don’t want to preach but this needs to be said:

It is important to be concerned about your health. We have some kind of stigma in our society that says you have to be snobby to care about vegetables, or that you’re not a “real” “homegrown” american if you dont eat fried foods at every turn. There’s nothing “cool” about clogging your arteries and there’s nothing off-putting about trying to be healthy.

Another thing I want to share is that I learned to let guilt go. Every day is a new day. You don’t have to do everything right, and if you eat a meal you weren’t going to eat, or that has too many calories, and if you don’t work out when you had planned to, just let it go. Get up the next day and take it one meal at a time. Don’t change everything about what you do at once. Change one thing each day to be healthier. Choose olive oil instead of canola. Say no the mayo on your burger. Then maybe later switch to turkey burgers, or add spinach. Try agave nectar instead of sugar in your tea. Make small changes you think you can live with and make one change every day. Before you know it, you’ll be a walking example of health. An icon for your children and grandchildren–and around for them to adore you. Hang in there! We can do this thing.

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