Just for fun: The Dunkley Pramotor

Can you imagine how often I would NOT go walking if I had one of these?

Having just returned from stroller walking with my toddler, there are some things this image convinces me are true. First of all, I’m fairly certain I definitely need a Nanny. and my child’s stroller to be called a “pram” (like this one is) and to have a real umbrella. Yep this is pretty much my Victorian ideal.

Seriously, these buggies actually existed and were made by a company named Dunkley. The TYWKIWDBI (“Tai-Wiki-Widbe) blog calls them “scooter with the front wheel missing.” The nanny, or mom I guess, but I doubt mom did the stroller-ing back then, could just hop on and motor about with baby without having to walk. Why did these go out of style? I have no idea. Maybe we should bring them back? I think perhaps our society is a little too health conscious (or weight conscious) to go that route. but Oh my goodness, can’t you think immediately of days when it would be wonderful? (Black Friday Sales? Mall shopping in general, Disney world? heeey–disney world should offer these like at the gate.) the possibilities are endless.

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