Day 6: First day of meeting with my accountability partner

The buddy system is the best!

I went to the park today and met my friend Robbie (I may ask her about using her real name. Hers is prettier. lol)

We met up this morning, and I had a verrry sleepy 3 year old in tow. The husband had packed up the stroller for me in the trunk the night before, I had packed snacks, charged the Nook Tablet, and the iphone. I was ready with E’s favorite e-books, angry birds, and snacks. I even had a sippy. It was like a toddler-heaven in my purse this morning.haha.

I arrived clad in my workout gear (or what I consider to be workout gear, anyway), and ready to rock. We walked the mile on the track together, talking and chatting about recipes and what was working for each other on the diet. We talked about our goals, and Robbie even payed me a compliment. She said I didn’t look like I needed to lose a full 60 lbs. Ha! She’s a sweetie. See why I walk with her? 🙂

the toddler was getting exhausted with the round and round we go of the track, so we only walked one mile there. Then we headed over to the playground to sit and chat about the book.

Some of the most interesting things we are learning so far:

  • belly fat is the most dangerous fat, contributing to heart disease more often that fat stored in other parts of the body.
  • the word “diet” is a bad word. (That’s a joke of the book) What we are doing is not “starting” a diet we will eventually stop, we are instead changing our outlook on what’s good and what’s bad. We are readjusting our brains and our bodies about the people we are going to be.
  • muscle burns more fat than cardio exercise. So if you work on strength training as part of your workout routine you can train your body to be burning calories even when you’re not working out (like sleeping!)
  • We learned that smoothies make great meal substitutions, and are super-easy to make. Great for on-the-go. (and yes, they are toddler friendly).
  • yoga pants are awesome for sliding down the slides on the playsets at parks. 🙂

It takes a massive amount of creativity and patience to get a good workout in with a toddler in tow, but we did it. I am considering joining a gym so she adn I can meet there and  be able to use the weight machines, and possibly take classes as well. It would be a better set up, really, all the way around. The hubs want to to be sure I will actually stick with this plan, and make working out a regular part of my life before he commits to a membership, though. The “marker” for when a gym membership would be a good idea is if I worked out every day (taking Sundays off) for 2 weeks. If I could stay committed for that long (this lets you in a little on how fickle I am), then probably a gym membership would be worth it.

I’m excited with myself that I’ve made it a whole 6 days. I have actually worked out a full 45 minutes to an hour, and most days over an hour, for 6 days. There were days I only did aerobics once instead of twice, and days I opted out of the weights, or chose walking over aerobics, but still–every. single. day. I am hopeful this means I may have found a system that works. Thank you, Robbie!  Having someone to walk and talk with, to keep me motivated and on track, I really think is key.

One more week of this and I can get a gym membership! (Yoga, anyone?)

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