Day 5: Only one set of aerobics, and I skipped the weights.

CherFitness: A New Attitude [VHS]Normally I’ve been doing two 45 minute sessions of aerobics every day, but I was super busy with work all morning, and then I had an appointment in the evening that basically gave me exactly 45 minutes after work and before I had to start getting ready for the appointment to cram in my work out.

So I did one 45 minute session, and it was short. Isn’t that funny? I felt like it took no time at all, and I know just a week ago I would have been like “90 minutes of aerobics are you crazy?” but my body is so adjusted to it now. I would have come back later in the evening to catch the second 45 minutes, but by the time I got home–it was excuses, excuses, and I didn’t do it.

My body ranted at me later for that choice.

Oh, I meant to share: Someone asked me what aerobics I was doing and I do Cher Fitness (go ahead and laugh, but the woman *is* skinny, and that’s the goal. Plus it plays what I consider to be “real” music instead of the elevator stuff you hear elsewhere.) ha! I do not have a step, so I do the workout just on the floor, but it works for me. It is something I will stick to, and I don’t mind doing every day. If you want to check it out, here’s the link.

I cheated after dinner too by eating a bowl of cherrios (apparently my late night obsession, go figure.) and this comes after I ate a cream cheese pastry at my appointment and called it “afternoon snack”. Yuck. I think there’s something to the idea that if you eat healthy once, you’re more likely to eat healthy all day, and once you eat something unhealthy, you have to be really careful not to just cascade into a pile of sugary carbs.

The Abs Diet book does talk about what to eat when you’re craving sweets or junk food, though, and it explains it scientifically. I don’t know if I’ll be able to reason with my sweet tooth, but it was interesting to understand the biology behind my cravings.

The interesting thing is that I’ve been following this eating plan strictly for 3-4 days, and on days I don’t follow the plan, I do things like crave “bad for me” foods. When I’m eating healthy all the time and not allowing myself to eat any junk, I find that I’m happy, satisfied, never hungry, and I don’t get depressed as often. I blame sugar for the depression.

I have my meeting with Robbie tomorrow at the park. First round of “official” workouts. You guys still joining us for Kick-Off day, Nov. 19? Write us in the comments.

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