Show me the Numbers: calculating my daily calorie needs

Around Chapter 4 of the Abs Diet, part of the book has you calculate your daily calorie needs (How many calories you can eat per day, accounting for activity & exercise and lose 2/12 pounds per week).

For me, here’s how it went.

First you calculate your Basic Calorie Needs. Then you calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate. You then calculate your activity in minutes per week (which I estimated. I “want” to work out doing aerobics every day in addition to the Abs Circuit I’m doing, but you know, I tried to be realistic, account for sickness, etc, so I estimated three days per week). Finally, you follow the add, subtract, divide instructions, and the resulting number is the number of calories per day you need to eat to support your activity levels, and still lose weight.

Here’s a copy of my notes: (Error Note, it says “90 minutes three days a week” but the 180 would be for 2 days a week. Oops.)

This number accounts for exercise. It’s important to follow the instructions for calculating, and to check your math. I’ve outlined what I did so you can try it out, but please remember I’m just a regular woman, not a professional at this, so if you want truly accurate numbers consult a professional. Hows’ that for fine print? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Show me the Numbers: calculating my daily calorie needs

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