Calculating my BMI, Waist-to-Hip Ratio, and Body Fat Percentage (ugh.)

Chapter 5 (I know, I know, I read ahead. But that’s good for you, because you know what’s coming and can skim read. Yay you!) 🙂 If you’re looking for how to calculate your daily calorie needs, click here.)

Chapter 5 has you calculate your BMI, your Waist-to-Hip Ratio, and your Body Fat Percentage. Let me just say, it’s kind of depressing to calculate these numbers so before you even start say this to yourself:

I will take these numbers as motivation to get my health in check. I will not be intimidated or brought down. THIS is an exercise, just like aerobics, get through it, be grateful you’re finally being aware of your body and DOING something about it. It’s time to kick some fatty tail! 🙂

Ok. Once you have you kick-tail speech well in hand, you may continue without depression or anxiety. 🙂 Ready? Here we go.

First, you calculate your weight. That’s easy. Hop on a scale. Mine was 185. Ouch! You’d think 3 years after baby, i’d of lost more than that. (if I can be honest, so can you.)

Next, we calculate our BMI. Here are my notes on me:

These calculations are so you can see what I’m doing, and try it at home for yourself. There are many online calculators that will do this math for you, and I’ve linked to a few in this article.












After I calculated my BMI and Waist-to-Hip Ratio, I calculated my Body Fat Percentage.

Our weight scale is a digital one, and it calculates Body Fat percentage when you stand on it. You can find scales to automatically calculate this one for you. Also, many gyms offer free services to measure this number for you. It’s often a better measurement of your health progress than the scale, since your actual weight will vary depending on how much fat you’re replacing with muscle.












Don’t get discouraged! I’m sharing my honest numbers with you so you can see, I’m not some skinny-fanny child eating vegetables every day. I’m a 27 year old first time mom that’s sick and tired of her blood pressure problems. I’m going to kick this thing and get healthy for my babies (the one I have, and future ones) you can do it too! We’ll get through this together. Please share your numbers in the comments, and come back later to track how well you’re doing.

Did I mention, on the Abs Diet, my son and I had milkshakes for our morning snack? Oh, yes we did. It’s one of the recipes in the meal plan the book outlines. 8 oz of milkshake. butter pecan ice cream (low fat), low fat milk, flaxseed, cinnamon, honey, vanilla protein powder, and ice cubes. Blend, enjoy, and sit back in awe that THIS is what healthy tastes like. Join us on the Abs Diet. 🙂

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