Awesome meal ideas.

As far as the Abs Diet goes, I don’t know where these fit. They are 0-1 WW points, though, so they are definitely great when you’re wanting to eat healthy (and yummy! What I liked about it was that this girl’s blog shares a lot of holiday ideas. I’m about to have to cook and pack up several dishes from sides to desserts to sit next to the turkey, and I don’t want my relatives to feel like they are eating “diet food” but I don’t want to mess up my goal, either. So I’m going to be taking a few of the recipes from this girl’s blog as my sides and desserts. Which ones would you eat? Which ones would your family eat? Comment with your ideas. đŸ™‚

Eat Yourself Skinny Blog

My holiday ideas: (these are all from EYS blog. Do you have any blogs you’re using?)


Mini Maple Pecan Pies






Skinny Chocolate Chip Cookies





Lightened Up Green Bean Casserole


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