Day 4: Recap end of Day 3, and my plan with Robbie

End of Day 3:

so I didn’t juice. I ran out of “good” produce. You can read that as “I just couldn’t drink any more kale.” I actually skipped lunch, but the granola I had at breakfast held me over. Do you see a trend with me and granola? πŸ™‚ Read my granola recipe here.

I feel completely off the wagon last night. I had a baked potato for dinner, and a bowl of cereal later as a snack. Ugh.

That’s why I think this plan with Robbie is going to be more effective for me. I’m still a huge believer in Joe Cross’s method of getting healthy and saying no to bad food, eating good, and getting my health on track.

I have high blood pressure. Sitting here just now even, I had walked to the kitchen and reached to get crayons down out of a cabinet for my son, and walking back to my desk to finish writing this my head filled up with pressure, that’s from my blood pressure going up. It’s been happening only at night when I go to lay down, but now it happens during the day as well. I’m convinced I’m a walking time bomb with my health, so things have got to change. (fighting with my family over Thanksgiving “who’s coming and bringing what” both on my side and my husband’s–didn’t help either).

IΒ  know myself, though, and the juice only diet simply isn’t going to work. I end up starving, then I binge. It’s terrible. It is bad, I’m not saying it isn’t, I’m just saying a different method is what has to be in place for me.

I’ve decided that eating well is the key. Still exercising discipline to say no to things that aren’t good, but choosing to eat, but good things.

So that leads me to my conversation with Robbie. We met at her house over a nice cup of tea. We talked about how being healthy is a change in mindset. It isn’t about depriving yourself, or hating your self, and feeling guilty over things like saltine crackers was just ridiculous. The more important thing is to watch what you’re eating, be accountable to someone, and workout more than you eat.

She shared with me how a few years back she actually paid to be a part of a group study that did what she’s calling our “bible study“, because it’s based around this book called “The Abs Diet“. Each letter in the Abs diet stands for a food group, and all day you eat 6 little meals, all from these groups. Cindy Crawford actually talks about how eating many small meals a day is good for your body, so maybe this book has a point. I know I’m all on board for eating often.

The Abs Diet for Women

Weekly study, exercise three days a week together, the other 3 we work out on our own.

Anyway, we read through a little bit of the book, and basically, our plan is to be accountable to each other. We are going to track what we’re eating, when we exercise, and how much, then we meet together every Monday to do what we’re calling our “Walk and Talk“, where we share with each other how it’s going, encourage each other, and help ourselves stay healthy. The goal for me is to get healthy enough to have a baby, lower my blood pressure, and look good πŸ™‚ The goals for her are to avoid some of the health problems her parents had due to heavy weight (and ignoring that weight).

We have a study–like literally, study pages where it asks you questions about what you’ve read, and you have to asnwer the questions as “homework.” This plan is no-fooling around. Stay on track, understand your body, how it work, and what works, to get healthy and stay healthy.

I’m excited.

Day 4:

My husband wants to limit the amount of meat we eat, so we will still be cooking some vegan meals even though the book itself is carnivoursly based. πŸ™‚

In addition to our walk and talk mondays, we are going to meet three times a week to walk together and do weights. I’m inviting some of my girlfriends to join us, and Robbie is essentially going to lead us all through this book as a, well, bible study, would. πŸ™‚ ha!

If any of you want to join us, the book is called “The Abs Diet.” We are reading about 3 chapters a week (they are short chapters, and it is like 35 pages all three chapters). Then we do the study pages, and talk about what we’ve learned, where we are at, and encourage each other to keep going.

I started this morning with my power oatmeal (recipe in the book), and I haven’t thought about lunch yet–but considering a smoothie. Probably juicing some of this produce I have–lol. So, the juicing still plays a part in what we’re doing, but I’m not exclusively juicing anymore.

I did my two hours of aerobics yesterday again, and that was sore, but I was so proud of myself afterwards. Thank you guys for reading this blog, seriously. Knowing I’m going to have to come on here and share my day, and be accountable for how I ate and exercised is a huge part of my sticking with this. Are you going to join us? Are you working out? Need an accountability buddy? Feel free to use the comment section as your place to share your progress and stay on track with us! Let me know if you’re reading the book, and I’ll hook you up with the study sheets.

First step is to measure ourselves using this guide:

This is not from the book, it’s something that Robbie got out of a magazine. lol. But we think it will help us get a baseline for where we are at, and hopefully even if we’re not losing pounds, we will lose inches.

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