Welcome to HealthyBabyWeight! My name is Cassidy Cash, and this blog is about my journey to having a healthy weight. For me, I’m motivated to getting down to my healthy weight because I want to have another baby.

Having had three miscarriages due to the unhealthy state of my body, I just can’t think of getting pregnant again until I am a healthy weight. That’s why I named the blog Healthy Baby Weight.

I have one son, who is amazing. He is truly the joy of my heart and I can’t imagine my life without him. I do want him to have a sibling, and I also just want more children. It was a picture in my head of my future that I would be a mommy of many children. Towards this end, though, it seems my body can only handle pregnancy under healthy circumstances. I get pregnant easily, but carrying it doesn’t work because of my blood pressure. Delicate system, apparently.

Rather than be despondent or depressed, I’m taking action. I have to lose at least 30 pounds, and I would like to lose 50-60, to reach a target goal weight of 125-130. That’s what they tell me is healthy for me, and I think most of my blood pressure issues will even out when I reach that goal, also. So here’s the plan: As part of the blog I will be cataloging my weight loss decisions, my progress in that regard, as well as the health benefits I experience along the way. Hopefully I will see my blood pressure go down along with my pants size.

Follow the blog to join me on my journey. And be sure to comment! I need all the encouragement I can get.

Thank you! (oh, and by the way, this image is from my wedding! Ha! I’ve gained so much weight since then. Follow the posts to see my weight now, and hopefully my progress in weight loss.)

Cassidy Cash

Founder of Healthy Baby Weight

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