Day 2: Juice, and a little granola.

After the large bout with headaches and nausea last night, I opted for clean, unprocessed food today. I juiced my breakfast (very fruity, thank you), and then I went for rolled oats with honey, chopped apple, and chopped cranberries for lunch. I had my neice & nephew over today so I heated it and added some milk to make a cereal. They loved it. πŸ™‚ Cool Aunt points. πŸ™‚

I haven’t decided how I am going to handle dinner. I lost one pound (down to 187 today!! Thank you God, I’ve been at 188 forever.) I want to keep juicing, but I hate, hate, hate, vomit. I pass out. It’s kind of weird, my mom does it too, so I blame genetics. ANyway, trying to juice as much as possible, and I am eating a little bit of granola or dry toast to stave off nausea.

I’ve also added sparkling water to replace my “need” for carbonation. And I’ve not had any coffee. I’ve been drinking water and green tea today. Well, I guess I have to include the 1/4 cup milk that was in my warm granola earlier, too.

Not incredibly proud of Day 2 since I didn’t juice totally, but we’re back to the grindstone tonight with “dinner” (how weird is it to drink your dinner?–very weird. Ah, the price we pay for our future children.) Here’s to healthy. Cheers! I’ll update later with what I “ate”. probably, just knowing I’m updating you guys on the eating will keep me motivated to stick with it.

Are any of you guys juicing? How do you like it? Encourage me!! I’m such a sucker for falling off this wagon, especially with the holidays coming up. What are you guys doing to stay healthy?


One thought on “Day 2: Juice, and a little granola.

  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely hate any kind of meal drinks, except for Slim-Fast, lol. But I am more talking on the line of the veggie drinks or the whey protein shakes. I have tried them many times and I usually end up quitting. I have wanted a child forever and I have some medical issues also. I have been told that I need to lose weight to carry a baby and that it would also become easier for me to even become pregnant. (I have never even been close to being pregnant) I truly want to lose weight, it’s just harder than what I want, lol. I am definitely not happy about how much I weigh and it’s easy for me to become depressed with it. However, I am going to start eating healthy and walking to see how that goes. There has been one diet that has always worked for me but I give up when I plateau. I am NOT going to do that this time!!

    I know you can do this!!! I hear juicing takes a while to get used to, so stick with it!!! Oh, small tip, please please don’t weigh yourself everyday, it’s VERY easy to become frustrated like that. Weight changes so much during the day and if you don’t lose anything the next day or if you gain, it really messes with you. Once a week is great, just make sure it’s the same day, same time, and make sure you are wearing close to the same thing.

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